CAESAR S.A. is an Anonymous Technical Company founded in Athens the year 1993 with share-capital of 350.000 €.
Since 1993 up to today CAESAR S.A. has had a very creative course, broadening its initial sectors of involvement and the volume of its bussiness.
The sectors that the company is involved today are extremely broadened and indicatively we can mention the following:
Private and Public works in the sectors of constructional and mechanical bussiness.
Complete Project Evaluation succeded by complete technical and economic analysis.
Responsible and full supervision of the constructional and mechanical section of any project.
Construction with collaborating, specialised and experienced teams along with trained and competent engineers of our company, able to manage any work either of mechanical or constructing nature.
Attentive and responsible maintenance.
Construction of houses, apartments, cottage houses, on either privately-owned land or with the "property exchange" method.
Consulting services are provided upon design of infrastructure projects and composition of technical and economical assessments are prepared giving emphasis on the evaluation and handling of landed property.